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The 'IEEE Requirements for PDF Documents' MUST be followed EXACTLY. The conference is required to ensure that documents follow this specification. The requirements are enumerated in:
•    IEEE Requirements for PDF Documents v3.2 pdf_icon.png

Papers must be submitted in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) format.
PDF files:
•    must not have Adobe Document Protection or Document Security enabled,
•    must have either 'US Letter' or 'A4' sized pages,
•    must be in first-page-first order, and
•    must have ALL FONTS embedded and subset.

ALL FONTS MUST be embedded in the PDF file. There is no guarantee that the viewers of the paper (reviewers and those who view the proceedings CD-ROM after publication) have the same fonts used in the document. If fonts are not embedded in the submission, you will be contacted by Destrée Organisation and asked to submit a file that has all fonts embedded. Please refer to your PDF file generation utility's user guide to find out how to embed all fonts.

Information for LaTeX users:
Authors willing to write their paper in LaTeX must use the style file recommended above (spconf.sty).
Generating a PDF file is straightforward for all LaTeX packages we are aware of (and direct LaTeX->PDF conversion are now possible on most systems with tools like pdflatex).
When preparing the proposal under LaTeX, it is preferable to use scalable fonts such as Type I, Computer Modern. However, quite good results can be obtained with the fonts defined spconf.sty.
Warning: PDF files with Postscript Type 3 fonts are highly discouraged and could lead to the rejection of the paper. PDF files utilizing Type 3 fonts are typically produced by the LaTeX system and are lower-resolution bitmapped versions of the letters and figures. It is possible to perform a few simple changes to the configuration or command-line to produce files that use PostScript Type 1 fonts, which are a vector representation of the letters and figures. An excellent set of instructions is found at:
Creating quality Adobe PDF files from TeX with DVIPS
For most installations of LaTeX, you can cause dvips to output Type 1 fonts instead of Type 3 fonts by including -Ppdf option to dvips. The resulting Postscript file will reference the Type 1 Computer Modern fonts, rather than embedding the bitmapped Type 3 versions, which cause problems with printers. You may also need to tell dvips to force letter sized paper with the option: -t letter.
It remains then to convert the final postscript file into PDF by using common tools like ps2pdf, or pstopdf, or any ps to pdf converter.

File Size Limit
Authors will be permitted to submit a document file up to 5 MB (megabytes) in size.

File Name
The filename of the document file should be the first author's last name, followed by the appropriate extension (.pdf). For example, if the first author's name is Johan Smith, you would submit your file as "smith.pdf".


IEEE Copyright Transfer Form
ICCKE 2011 is using the IEEE eCopyright form. ICCKE 2011 will only require the eCopyright form to be generated after paper acceptance by the ICCKE 2011 TPC. It is only therefore requested upon submission of the final manuscript and only then.


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